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[Korra and Asami had been in the Spirit World for about a week now, and as far as first dates go, the Avatar likes to think this one had gone pretty well. The Spirit World was a beautiful place, and Korra was all too eager to share that with Asami, their hands clasped tightly together as they stepped through the portal together. In a way, they had set out on two very different adventures at the same time.

It was important to Korra that this went right-- not just for her sake, but for Asami's. After everything they've been through, everything she's been through, a peaceful vacation was more than deserved. That Asami got to see the beauty of this place and just had a moment to sit back and relax was all that really mattered to Korra, her heart fluttering a little bit every time she saw that look of wonder on the other woman's face. It wasn't always easy; the Spirit World didn't exactly play by anyone's rules, but so far nothing had tried to eat or maim them. That had to count for something.

They'd come across a lake, its waters so clear they could see the bottom, lily pads big enough to easily support the two of them floating across its surface. In the center of the lake there was a gigantic water lily, big enough to cast ample shade on the lily pads surrounding it.

Korra, of course, had challenged Asami to a race to the flower. She, of course, promised not to use her bending in any way. Winner got bragging rights.]

Come on, Asami, I'm nearly there! You're not gonna let me win this so easily are you? [Granted, Korra's only two lily pads ahead, but they were big ones.]
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i'm too lazy to make a fancy code for this rn

Most preferred canonmate ships:
  • Korrasami
  • Korra/Opal
  • Makorra

    Ships with canonmates that I'm somewhat interested in:
  • Korra/Kuvira
  • Tahnorra
  • Korra/Yue (why not...)

    Ships with canonmates I'm not interested in playing:
  • Borra
  • Amorra
  • Anyone from the gaang

    (Definitely willing to do platonic threads/prompts with the characters above!)

    Cross-canon ships I'm interested in:
  • Korra/Allura (Voltron)
  • Korra/Shiro (Voltron)
  • Korra/Zarya (Overwatch)
  • Korra/Ciri (The Witcher)
  • Korra/Sera (Dragon Age: Inquisition)
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